Yurt tour in Kyrgyzstan by Issyk-Kul Lake

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Video by Nomadic Samuel with Samuel and Audrey

"Come join us for a yurt tour in Kyrgyzstan by Issyk-Kul Lake as we stay overnight in Kyrgyz yurt at Bel Tam Yurt Camp located on the outskirts of Bokonbayevo. When traveling to Kyrgyzstan one of the ultimate experiences you can have as an adventure traveler is to experience living in a yurt. You'll have an opportunity to do this on overnight trekking or hiking experiences in Kyrgyzstan but you also can experience an overnight stay in Kyrgyz yurt at a camp.

This particular yurt camp was our home for four nights as we used it as a base to explore in and around Issyk Kul Lake and attractions nearby Bokonbayevo. Our yurt tour gives you a tour of inside of our yurt, the camp area, the showers and toilets at the yurt camp, the dining communal area and several overhead drone shots of the yurts. We highly recommend yurt camping and the place we stayed at was fantastic.You'll notice the location below:

Bel Tam Seaside Yurt Camp
Lodging in Bokonbayevo
Bokonbayevo 720000, Kyrgyzstan," the authors of the video commented their video.


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