Uzbek chefs are going to set world record for cooking pilaf

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Tashkent, Sept. 8, 2017 / Kabar /. More than 8 tons of pilaf (national dish of Uzbekistan) was cooked in Tashkent within the framework of O’zbegim folk traditions festival, the correspondent of Kabar Agency reported.

Author of the project Bahriddin Shamsutdinov said that a world record will be set today for cooking pilaf and therefore representatives of Guinness World Records follow the process of cooking.

“In July, in the city of Almalyk more than 6 tons of pilaf was cooked in a bowl with diameter 4, 2 meters and volume of almost 8 thousand liters. It was a rehearsal before the world record,” he stressed.

Today, 50 chefs of Uzbekistan took part in the process of cooking a record pilaf. The following quantity of products were used for pilaf: 1500 kg of beef, 400kg of mutton, 220 kg of kurdyuk (lamb’s fat), 1900 kg of rice, 2700kg of carrots, 220kg onions, 440 liters of vegetable oil, 57 kg of salt. All of these filled with 100kg of chickpeas, 190 kg of raisins, 5kg of zira, 2 kg of black peppercorns, 1 kg of turmeric and 350 liters of water.

The cooked pilaf will be treated to the all wishing people, also will be sent to the Murruvat house, and for the nursing homes.


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