Uzbek army strongest in the region - GFP rating

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Uzbekistan ranked 48th in the updated Global Firepower rating for 2017, according to the information published on the official website of GFP.

The Uzbekistan’s army outstripped all other countries of the Central Asian region in terms of the strength of the armed forces.

A total of 133 countries are included in the GFP list. The top three positions are traditionally taken by the United States, Russia and China.

Kazakhstan is on the 55th place in the list. The army of Turkmenistan ranked 86th, Kyrgyzstan - 108th, while Tajikistan took 112th place in the rating.

The finalized Global Firepower ranking relies on over 50 various factors including the number of people fit for military service, the amount of government spending on the army, the power of air force, naval forces and many other criteria.


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