Turkmenistan developing fish industry

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The administrative center of Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) operates a complex for breeding sturgeons, producing black caviar and fish products, said a report in the "Vatan" newspaper.

The enterprise belongs to the open joint-stock company "Khazar balyk".

The annual capacity of the facility is 100 tons of commercial fish of sturgeon species, 2 tons of sturgeon caviar, 170 tons of smoked, dried and other fish products, 10 million units of canned goods.

A similar complex - for breeding sturgeon, carp and fish of the catfish family, with an annual capacity of 20, 10 and 60 tonnes of commercial fish, respectively - operates in the Ak Bugday district of Akhal region.

The marine flotilla in the Caspian Sea was previously replenished with fishing and transport vessels with a cargo capacity of 100 tons, with fish-freezing facilities.

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