Th Billion Dollar: High Ambitions Of Kyrgyz Man From Small Town That Has Brought Him Where He Is Today

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The Billion Dollar: Radik Srazhidinov is Kyrgyz born in Russia. He has spent most of his time out of his home pursuing knowledge and education. Achievements in National and International Math Olympiad proves his passion to education. His educational, cultural and social experience in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia will be differently help him to go through any challenge. He got accepted for full scholarship at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. One of the world`s greatest universities ranked as number 1 in Asia and number 28 in the world. His hobby is playing chess and he was 3 times consecutive champion at UPM (University Putra Malaysia). As a kid, he has seen the hardship of his family which inspired him to have high ambitions in life. He graduated from Master’s Degree with the CGPA of 4.0. Moreover his prototype of Active Noise Control got international patent.

Journey of Radik to Malaysia

“I was born in Vorkuta City. It is a very small and cold place in the north of Russia. My father used to work as a monorail driver in the mine and my mother used to do business. In a family of 5 kids, I am the eldest. Right after I finished my primary school, my parents sent me to private school “Sebat” in Kyrgyzstan to complete my studies. I was keen on math at school and I participated in various National Mathematical Olympiad in Kyrgyzstan with achievements of silver and bronze. For International Olympiad in Germany I was selected among others, my interest for Engineering started from there. I got admission at UPM University in Malaysia at Engineering Faculty. At the age of 23, I have graduated from my Masters in Control System Engineering.”

Malaysia as a Study Destination for Bachelors

“In order to work overseas, it is better to study overseas as well. Malaysia is very calm place and most of the time, you will not have issues with locals. When it comes to the education level at UPM, it is really great. I had a great experience while doing my degree and Masters at UPM. First year of my Bachelor Degree, I underestimated the level of education at UPM and I was thinking that I could pass easily. However, I realized that my grades were going down. From that moment onwards, I picked up myself and motivated to study harder. In the end of 7th semester, I was the 2nd at my Faculty with the GPA of 3.95 and got included in the dean’s list.”

Experience of Master Degree in Malaysia

“After I graduated from my Bachelors, the lecturer of UPM offered me to pursue my Masters with the support of partial tuition fees and monthly income. The system of education at Master’s Degree varies from Bachelor’s Degree. The main concentration of Master’s Degree is on the speed of your thesis and subjects. I carried out my thesis by building prototype on “Active Noise Control”. The project was funded by the University whereby I was paid my salary from it. We have built a company together with Innohub organization whereby even If I leave the university, the progress of the company will go on. The dream of my lecturer and other team members is to bring up the company to international level.”

Active Noise Control Prototype

“Active Noise Control is a prototype of blocking the unnecessary noise. Let`s say you want to cancel the noise at the place you sleep and study. For that, two microphones must be placed near the bed and study table to detect the unwanted noise, and at the same place there must be 2 loudspeakers to generate anti-noise. Anti-noise has same amplitude with noise but opposite in phase. By hitting each other, they cancel each other. The novelty in our prototype is in its control algorithm that allows cancelling nonlinear noise as well. The prototype can cancel up to 80% of the noise. There are few methods to block the noise, however our idea is unique and it is patented internationally now by UPM.”

Education in Russia and Kyrgyzstan

“Russia is very strong in terms of Math and it even can be considered as top 3 countries in the world. Kyrgyzstan`s strength in education is linguistic which is English Language. One year I have studied English at International Ataturk Alatoo University, where I got confidence in speaking. Malaysia is trying to follow European System of Education and they are quite succeeding in that.”

I always had high ambition at school and I was sure that I could study at the top Universities of the world

Biggest Impact

“During our childhood in Vorkuta, we were very poor people. My parents migrated to Vorkuta 1 year before my birth. When I was 6-7 years old, we still could not afford anything, even furniture. We used to take the future that Russians had thrown away. Regardless of that, my parents always encourage me to study. They were able to send me to private school and best universities. If I wanted I could go back, find a job and stay happy either in Russian or Kyrgyzstan. But, I want to achieve something more in my life.”

His Dream

“I want to help my siblings to study at top universities, but biggest dream of mine is to open my own school. Kyrgyzstan is a country with full of talents. Somebody like me who lived and studied in Kyrgyzstan for many years could contribute to education system. I hope Kyrgyz students who achieved success overseas will come back soon or later and guide others as well. Right now, I want to complete my PHD successfully without facing financial challenges. I have been preparing for this moment for many years. Except my full time jobs in UPM and Hitachi, I used to take also part-time jobs during weekends.”

I want to be that transition between normal school to high level universities.

Wise Advise

“For those students who want to pursue their education in Malaysia, I must say that you should not underestimate the education level here. Even though, Malaysia is not at the same level as USA or UK, but the study here is not as easy as you think. Before you start your education, students should focus at English Language and the subject of their choice. Moreover, planning ahead your future is crucial. If you want to work after graduation, you must do your research on the job market and which companies hire international students or if you are planning to pursue your Masters or PhD, then you definitely need to find out which universities provide scholarships and study opportunities.”


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