Seminar on Islam and International Humanitarian Law in Osh

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OSH, Sept. 20, 2017 / Kabar /. On 20 September, Islamic scholars, clerics, local authorities and experts on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) discuss common grounds in humanitarian principles and values laid in Islam and those in IHL during a seminar organized by the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Osh, the ICRC reported.

The substance of discussions covers a broad range of topics such as Islamic Law (Sharia law) and its contribution to humanitarian law. These included the impact of armed conflicts on civilian population and the role of Islam in protecting them, the rights of detainees, the distinction between combatants and civilians in Islamic and in humanitarian law, protection of cultural property, etc.

“The diversity of the presentations shows how essential it is to address humanitarian issues from different perspectives. Principles of Islam and Sharia Law do not contradict with IHL norms. They both appeal to peace, humanity and compassion to war victims; prohibit inhumane methods and means of warfare, thus imposing minimum standards of humanitarian behavior in combat”, said Sultanbek Kazanbaev, ICRC Delegate on Religious Affairs.

“Out of nearly 100 countries the ICRC works in, our biggest humanitarian activities are being held in the countries with mainly Muslim population. Considering that Islam is too often misrepresented in the world nowadays, we hope this meeting will open the door to Islam as a source for customary law and humanitarian practice”, said Abdymomun Umarov, Head of ICRC office in Osh.


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