Representatives of Osh and Andijan became winners of the international festival of pilaf

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Bishkek, Aug. 21, 2017 / Kabar /. Aibek Rizamatov from Osh city and Khurshid Hasanov from Andijan (Uzbekistan) became winners of the International festival of pilaf "Friendship of the Peoples of Asia", which was held in Osh city.

Mayor of Osh city Aitmamat Kadyrbaev, representatives of the Kyrgyzstan Chefs Association, cultural, art figures and local residents took part in the opening ceremony of the International Festival.

Osh city has been known since ancient times as a city famous for its cuisine, especially pilaf, and holding such an International Festival in Osh will contribute to its further cultural development and strengthening of friendly ties between peoples, noted Mayor Kadyrbaev in his speech.

About 25 chefs from the republics of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan - took part in the festival.

The main goal of the International Festival "Friendship of the Peoples of Asia" is the unification and strengthening of the friendship of peoples, their joint development through cultural riches.

Each participant was given the same time to cook the pilaf - 1 hour and 20 minutes. Everyone who came to the festival could try the pilaf prepared by the participants.

As a result of the festival, the winners were Aibek Rizamatov from Osh and Khurshid Hasanov from Andijan.

The winners were awarded the main prize - a voucher to the United Arab Emirates. Other participants of the international festival were also awarded valuable prizes, gifts, medals, diplomas, letters of thanks.

The organizers of the Festival are the management of the Rest-Bar "Izyum Group".


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