Representatives of Arab Coordination Group to implement projects in Kyrgyzstan

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Bishkek, July 11 / Kabar /. Representatives of the Arab Coordination Group pre-approved projects for $ 357 million, First Deputy Prime Minister Mukhametkaliy Abulgaziev told today at a press conference on the results of the third meeting of the roundtable with participation of the Arab Coordination Group.

He said that at the round table very good and important projects were discussed that will bring great benefit to the socio-economic state of the country. "These negotiations were productive, and they will bring new investments to our country. Today we discussed big projects in the field of agriculture, transport, energy, health and social sphere. In all, we presented 23 projects," Abulgaziev said.

He noted that 15 of them are irrigation projects, 1 project for clean drinking water, 2 projects on transport and roads, and 5 projects for health care.

"Today, the Arab Coordination Group has previously approved projects for $ 357 million. Now they will discuss with financial institutions and in the near future will give us their proposals. In September, they will again come to Bishkek, and we will discuss the implementation of these projects in detail, "Abulgaziev said.


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