Qatar Charity renders assistance to the family of Zita and Gita

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Bishkek, Sept. 25, 2017. /Kabar/. The Qatar Charity organized a charity event for the family of Zumriat and Rashid, the parents of Siamese twins Zita and Gita.

The organization responded to the request of Zumriat. After studying the history and problems faced by the family, the Qatari people presented a sewing machine so that the family could sew things and earn money, as well as a cow with calf to get dairy products, which they can also sell.

"I told about my difficulties, as my daughter Gita has to find money for treatment. After listening, they brought a sewing machine and a milk cow," said Zumriat.

Country director of Qatar Charity Khalid Vakil said that, the organization is engaged in charity, since it is the duty of every Muslim. In addition, the project is financed by the citizens of Qatar. Hearing the story about the Siamese twins, two benefactors allotted funds, one of them bought a sewing machin and the second one – a cow.

Qatar Charity started its activities in Kyrgyzstan in 2003 through its partners. Since 2007 the organization has been implementing projects to provide assistance to orphans.

"Throughout this period, the organization has implemented its projects through local organizations. This year in May we opened our office in Bishkek and registered with the Ministry of Justice. The company operates in Kyrgyzstan as a non-governmental organization (NGO)," Vakil added.

Earlier, Ambassador of Qatar to Kyrgyzstan Mohamad Bin Arar Al-Naimi said that the organization's task is to hold not only charitable actions, but also to implement economic projects, when the selected beneficiaries will earn money themselves.

Zita and Gita - Siamese twins from Kyrgyzstan, successfully separated as a result of a surgical operation in Moscow. Zita died at the age of 14 from illness. Gita is 25, she studies in Osh.


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