Prime Minister promises Ipad for every traffic policeman

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Bishkek, Dec. 14, 2017 / Kabar/. Each traffic policeman will receive an I pad to compile an electronic protocol for a driver who violates traffic rules, Prime Minister Sapar Isakov told this at a government meeting. Isakov assured as a prime minister that all Ipads will be bought.

“Through the driver's PIN, all information is released. The traffic policeman fills out driver’s violation electronically by entering the violator into the database. The driver simply presses the button and leaves. It will be impossible to bribe here," the Prime Minister said.

Each traffic policeman will have a POS-terminal for instant payments. If a driver violator does not have the opportunity to pay a fine on the spot, the driver is printed a check with protective QR code," Isakov added.

Full information on a driver can be obtained by entering the number of car’s technical passport and driver's license.


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