Prime Minister: In problem of street children there is lack of coordination between state agencies

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Bishkek, March 2, 2018 / Kabar /. In solving the problem of abandoned children there is a lack of coordination between governmental agencies, Prime Minister of Kyrgyztan Sapar Isakov said at the Second National Conference Co-Security and Crime Prevention Policy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Isakov said that ensuring the safety of children is one of the primary tasks of the state.

"Unfortunately, despite the existence of policy documents in this direction, it is not possible to completely solve the problem of neglected children and minimize violence against children. There is no coordination of efforts between state authorities. Coordination between state agencies is actively being considered under my leadership today," the Head of State said.

The Prime Minister added that among governmental agencies only schools and militia are working properly in this area.

"The problems of children are often latent in nature and do not go beyond the family. Therefore, it is necessary to study the experience of other countries in juvenile justice, and we must support and develop the institution of the family. First of all, it is necessary to develop the socio-economic situation of the country," Isakov said.


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