President Atambayev: Kyrgyz army develops step by step and strengthens its authority

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Bishkek, May 29 / Kabar /. The Kyrgyz army has been developing and strengthening its authority step by step, along with the whole country, President Almazbek Atambayev said today at a solemn event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic.

He said that the Armed Forces are being updated, a modern military infrastructure is being created.

"For the first time during the years of independence, we began to allocate finances for the construction of new military facilities: border patrols, detachments, military units, for conducting military exercises, training, uniforms. We started solving the most "sick" social problem - housing for servicemen. To date, the construction of 34 more facilities has already been completed. In addition, it is planned to build 37 additional housing units," Atambayev said.

The head of state also noted that the taken measures allowed to restore the prestige of military service. The number of people wishing to serve in the army increased.

"In addition, we receive more and more feedback from our international partners. The joint exercises conducted within the framework of the collective security system and the verification of the collective security forces testify the increased potential and combat readiness of our army. We see how the situation in the Armed Forces has radically changed over the years, and how defensive ability of the country strengthened," the President said.


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