Plane crash in Kyrgyzstan

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A Turkish cargo plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan on January 16 early morning near the capital city of Bishkek, killing 38 people, including crew members, citizens of Turkey. The cargo plane belonging to Turkey’s MyCargo (ACT) airlines was flying from Hong Kong to Istanbul via Kyrgyzstan’s capital and had to refuel in Bishkek. The plane was attempting a landing at the Manas international airport in thick fog, and crashed 1,5-2km away from the runway of the airport into a village of Dacha-Suu.

As a result of the crash dozens of houses are destroyed. Dacha-Suu village is located on the west side of Manas airport. There are 425 houses in the village and about 270 families reside there permanently.

As the tragedy took place early morning at about 7am, while the most of people were sleeping in some families all the members were killed.

In connection with the crash, January 17 was declared in Kyrgyzstan a morning day by the decree of President of the country Almazbek Atambayev. The President ordered to fly a national flag at half throughout the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and on buildings of diplomatic and consular missions abroad as well as cancel entertainment events on TV/Radio channels of Kyrgyzstan.

The same day a governmental commission is formed to study the causes of the plane crash.

Speaking with reporters at the crash site the same day First Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Muhammetkaly Abulgaziev told that the cause of the plane crash might be a crew error.

He said that a few planes landed safely prior to this accident, which means the weather condition was appropriate for landing.

"The weather conditions were allowing the cargo plane to be landed," he said, adding that the crew members of the crashed plane have previously landed three times at the airport in Bishkek.

Now three flight recorders have been found at the crash site and sent to Moscow for decryption. Besides, representatives of the International Aviation Commission, observers and representatives on technical assistance from the country where the aircraft was developed and representatives of the country, whom the aircraft belongs arrived in Kyrgyzstan to investigate the crash.

Some local media reported that the part of the cargo on board of the crashed plane was destined for Kyrgyzstan and therefore it was going to land at Manas airport to discharge the cargo. Meanwhile, the press service of Manas airport refuted this information and said that there was no cargo in the plane destined for Kyrgyzstan.

Deputy director of Turkey’s MyCargo (ACT) airlines Hamza Tiglay also confirmed the information of the airport’s press service saying local reporters in Bishkek that the aircraft, flying from Hong Kong and which was supposed to land in Bishkek was heading to Istanbul.

"The place of destination is the city of Istanbul, not Bishkek. We land in Bishkek exclusively for resupply of fuel and crew changes. The main purpose of landing in Bishkek is not a delivery of cargo, but refuel and change a crew," he said.

He also added that its possible to fly from Hong Kong to Istanbul directly without landing in Bishkek. However, the presence of a heavy cargo requires refueling and crew changes.

Due to such reports in media the Kyrgyz Parliament created a temporary parliamentary commission to study to whom the cargo was destined, which was on board of Boeing - 747.

There was 85.5 tons of cargo on the board of the crashed plane.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan continues to receive condolences and words of sympathy from all the parts of the world and books of condolences are open in many diplomatic missions of Kyrgyzstan abroad.

People from all the regions of the country have expressed a desire to render aid to families of victims. Many organizations, companies, ministries and departments of the country transferred their one-day salaries.

Kyrgyz citizens abroad also gathered money in assistance to the relatives of those killed and injured.

"It is a pity that all this happened suddenly. And we are upset here in America and pray for the injured and for the families of people who lost relatives and friends. We are not indifferent to what is happening at our homeland," Victoria Tabeleva, a Kyrgyz citizen, who lives in Texas said by adding that they gathered $ 4000.

Meanwhile, the head of the fund "Its easy to help" Dinara Alyaeva published in the social network that the youth group from the UAE gathered $ 2 thousand and 303 kilos of humanitarian aid for the relatives of those killed and injured in the crash of Boeing 747-400.

On Friday Kazakh citizens delivered humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan. Konstantin Avershin, the leader of the group of support wrote on social network about the delivery of food products and articles of daily necessity to victims of the plane crash, which was gathered by Kazakh citizens living in Almaty.

President Atambayev also expressed, on behalf of the people of the country the deep appreciation and gratitude to all the citizens, activists rallied due to general grief, as well as staff of relevant government agencies, volunteers, assisting in the aftermath of the crash.

"Despite the difficult conditions, cold, fire, they rescued people and continue to help the victims. There were old people and children among them. Their moral and material support, selfless and harmonious work of rescuers and medics, honest attitude to life of many civil activists eloquently testify the fact that healthy, creative forces are dominated in our society, capable even during the harsh tests of the fate to unite to support and to substitute a friendly shoulder. We were once again convinced that our society is becoming more united and stronger than the state," he said.

Almazbek Atambayev also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the leaders and citizens of foreign states and international organizations for the expressed condolences and support in these difficult days.


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