Khanjar-IV: Indian- Kyrgyzstan hold joint anti-terror exercises

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During the recently held bilateral talks, India and Kyrgyzstan finalised plans for joint military exercises that are being held at Kok Jhangak, Kyrgyzstan, since February and will conclude on March 5.

An annual event The Khanjar series of India-Kyrgyzstan military exercises has become an annual event. The Khanjar-II exercises were held in March 2015 in Kyrgyzstan, Khanjar III in March-April 2016 in Gwalior. The Khanjar-IV exercises are being held in Kyrgyzstan in February-March 2017.

The third Joint India-Kyrgyz Army Mountaineering Expedition was conducted in August-September 2016. A joint team comprising 19 officers and soldiers climbed JOGIN-III peak at a height of 6,113 metres above sea level in the central Himalayas in India. Earlier expeditions had scaled the peak of Stock Kangri in Ladakh (September 2011) and Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan (3-25 August, 2013).

Training for personnel India and Kyrgyzstan are jointly constructing the Kyrgyz-Indian Mountain Training Centre in the city of Balykchi, in Issyk-Kul District of Kyrgyzstan. This Centre will provide instruction and training for personnel of the armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as host Kyrgyz-Indian joint mountain training exercises. Focus on tactics The exercise is focussed in training of Special Forces Specific Platoon/troop level tactics and techniques in mountainous terrain. The exercise will culminate on March 5.



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