Nazarbayev tells ancient parable on love

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Talking to East Kazakhstan citizens about his frequent visits to the region President Nursultan Nazarbayev loves, he told an ancient Indian parable on love, Kazinform reports.

By the way, the conversation subject of love at a meeting with the residents of the region arose unexpectedly. Answering the President's question "How are you?", the Vice Principal of the Kazakh American Free University, Marina Kikina, confessed "We have been looking forward to seeing you. We are excited and very glad to meet again".

"The less we meet, the longer love stays alive," the President said with a laugh to make comparison to his frequent trips to the east of the country. Then, he told a parable.

"After the wedding, the newlyweds came to live on a lake and made up their minds to settle on its opposite sides. The young wife says: "Imagine we are taking a walk in the park and suddenly meet each other. And I can invite you for a cup of tea. If you do not want, it's your choice. Or while boating our boats meet, and we moor to one of the shores for a visit. So, we will remain interested in each other forever. The husband thought over and did not agree with her proposal. Years later, their love lost the pleasure of living together. He made such a choice in vain," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.



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