Ministry of Justice supports Open Government initiative

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Bishkek, March 13, 2018 / Kab /. The Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan became the first State Agency to support the Open Government initiative, the press service of the Ministry reported.

The Ministry of Justice hosted a presentation of the Open Government program today.

The goal of the program is to fulfill the obligations of the Government to promote transparency in public administration, fight corruption and involve civil society in Governmental activities.

The Open Government program includes such principles as: public accountability, which implies rules, norms and mechanisms that require Governmental Agencies to prove the need for their actions and act in accordance with the criticism and requirements. The program also contains the principles of transparency, that is, information about the work of Governmental Agencies should be open, timely, freely accessible to the public and meet the basic standards of open data.

During the presentation, Head of the Public Fund Alliance on promotion of civil initiatives, Bakyt Seyitbekov spoke about the mechanisms of interaction between the government and civil society, which includes the stage of joining, joint development, implementation and analysis. In addition, he stressed that the Open Government program unites 77 countries and 15 regional governments. Mostly these are countries with a reformatory spirit. A club of countries aimed at reform.

During the presentation, Minister of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic Uran Ahmetov stressed that at present the ministry conducts an open and transparent normative policy and for the ministry this initiative is a good opportunity to strengthen its work in this direction.


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