Mercury mining plant resumed operating in Aidarkan

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Osh, March 22, 2018 / Kabar /. Mercury mining plant and its factory started working again in Aidarken, Batken oblast on March 21.

At the plant's reopening ceremony, governor of Batken oblast Abish Khalmurzayev said that the plant's managers and the local population took part.

In his speech, Khalmurzayev said that the plant was on the way to stop its activities, disappearance, but thanks to the timely finding of the investor, the combine resumed its activities. In addition, the Batken governor got acquainted with the activity of miners at a depth of 260 meters under the ground.

Head of the plant Tolubai Saliev said that the raw materials in the mines will be enough for another 30 years. "From the end of March we will produce ready products of mercury, and from the beginning of April we produce the month of antimony. By the end of 2018, the plant plans to produce products worth 140 million soms, if other mines works, the plant will increase production," he said.

The combine in Aidarken has been idle since 2009 due to the sinking of the mine. In July, the management of the plant found an investor and signed an agreement with the Russian Severstal company, as a result the combine resumed its activities.


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