Level of violence against children in Kyrgyzstan continues to be relevant: PF director

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Bishkek, Nov.11, 2019. /Kabar/. The level of violence against children in Kyrgyzstan continues to be relevant, Director of the Childs Rights Defenders League Public Foundation Nazgul Turdubekova said during the training on “ Monitoring of closed institutions for children in Kyrgyzstan”, held in Bishkek.

According to her, this workshop is very important and timely, because in Kyrgyzstan the issue related to children is taken under the highest control.

“As early as last year, the country's President said orphanages and boarding schools should be reformed. Kyrgyzstan has the largest number of boarding schools per capita - 140 types of institutions, housing 12 thousand children,” the director said.

Turdubekova added Kyrgyzstan had adopted standards for assessing children's rights, based on the development of McCabe.

“Previously, Deputy PM Altynai Omurbekova held a meeting and instructed the Ministry of Social Development to closely monitor all orphanages across the country for violence and abuse. We hear almost every day about domestic violence against children, and we hear about it from witnesses, doctors and so on.

However, the level of appeal of children from orphanages and boarding schools is low due to the closed nature of the institutions. Children do not know where to go for help. The very nature of violence comes from being closed,” Turdubekova said.


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