Kyrgyzstan's economic week, July 31- Aug. 5

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The EEU regulation. The Kyrgyz authorities, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation, conducted explanatory work among 120 enterprises whose products can be exported to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). This was done before the entry into force of 18 technical regulations of the EEU, adopted for exporting enterprises of the countries of the Union.

Eight of technical regulations that come into force on August 12, 2017, regulate the safety of food products. In accordance with this, since April of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of Kyrgyzstan, together with the ministries of economy and health, as well as departments for phyto-and veterinary security, conducted informative activities on new requirements of technical regulations. These activities were held jointly with the media, as well as at the production sites, regardless of whether the enterprise is orienting for export or not.

Food producers were informed in accordance with the provisions of the technical regulations - on the safe production of goods and their labeling, packaging and preparation for export to the market, as well as on storage and transportation of goods.

The requirements of the technical regulations concern the production of juices, oils, cereals, dairy and meat products, as well as the use of food additives in production.

But technical regulations are not a hindrance. The Government of Kyrgyzstan believes that with the entry into force of 18 technical regulations of the EEU and the Customs Union from August 12, 2017, nothing drastic should occur in the country. At the same time, the state will not strengthen supervision over the implementation of technical regulations by enterprises.

At the same time, a warning was issued that the control over malicious non-executors of requirements will be tightened, and in general order of supervision will not change in the domestic market. The entry into force of 18 technical regulations provides for the change of only registration issues.

Kazakhstan’s grant. The Government of Kyrgyzstan announced how the first tranche of the Kazakh grant amounting of $ 41 million will be used out of a total $ 100 million. It will be used to implement the projects envisaged by the road map of Kyrgyzstan in the EEU.

The funds will be distributed to ministries and departments. It became known that the largest amount will be allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture - $ 15.2 million, the State Inspectorate for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Security - $ 6.8 million, the Fire Protection Agency - $ 750 thousand, the Department of Medicines - 1.9 million, the Department of Disease Prevention - $ 5.2 million, the Customs Service - $ 3 million, and $ 4.6 million will be spent for equipping of laboratories. The rest of the grant of $ 59 million will be allocated to Kyrgyzstan after agreeing an estimate between the relevant bodies of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Repair works almost finished. Severelectro OJSC announced that 96% of all electrical equipment was repaired in Bishkek, Chui and Talas oblasts.

24 additional transformer substations were installed, 13.7 km of cable lines and 29.9 km of overhead power lines were reconstructed, and 8 thousand 531 meters were replaced. As a result of this, the accident rate in the networks decreased by 14% compared to the previous year.

Customs do not sleep. The customs service of Kyrgyzstan announced that for 7 months the receipt of customs payments amounted to 17.8 billion soms, which is 101% of the forecast. At the same time, the volume of revenues increased by 183.4 million soms.

In comparison with the same period in 2016, the receipt of customs payments increased by 2.2 billion soms or by 14.1%.

Sale of state property. Six more objects of state property were put up for auction this week. According to data of the State Property Fund, an alcohol factory (property complex), 48 unfinished buildings of Ideal House, an unfinished cottage house "Mansard", three companies for passenger transportation are for sale.

The shareholders agree. The shareholders of Electric Stations OJSC approved a deal with the Czech company Liglass Traiding CZ, SRO for the construction of the Upper Naryn cascade of hydropower plants in Kyrgyzstan. This became known after an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Electric Stations. Now, there are no obstacles left to start construction on the Upper Naryn. The Czech investors have already announced that after approval of the feasibility study, construction work will begin in Naryn in October this year.

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