Kyrgyzstan increases production in textile industry

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Bishkek, Feb. 13, 2018 / Kabar /. The growth of industrial production in Kyrgyzstan in January 2018 was increased mainly due to light industry, press secretary of the National Statistics Committee Boris Arabaev told at a press conference in the department.

According to his data, the share of industry in the GDP structure in January of this year made 27%.

"The growth in the industry was achieved by increasing production in the textile industry: the production of clothing, footwear, leather and other leather products, as well as the production of rubber and plastic products," he explained.

In addition, according to the press secretary of the National Statistics Committee, the country also increased production of pharmaceutical products to 2.4 times, production of rubber and plastic products and other mineral products to 1.5 times, electrical equipment by 18%, wood and paper products, printing activity by 17.2%, as well as production of food products (including beverages) and tobacco products by 14%.


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