Kyrgyz Security Council Secretariat launches website to counteract corruption

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Bishkek, Jan. 18, 2018 / Kabar /. The Secretariat of the Security Council (SSC) of Kyrgyzstan launched an anticorruption website in order to involve and make people's contribution to the struggle against corruption.

The SSC said that an interactive map with oblasts, regions’ sectors that are mostly exposed to corruption is posted on its online information resource section. The map will be automatically filled by the program based on the results from the citizens' appeals.

Anyone can leave messages about certain corruption evidences in any field, indicating their personal information or anonymously on the website.

The website contains information (including facts, statistics, press releases, etc.) of all governmental agencies involved in countering corruption activities. This is important since there is a lack of a single source of information in the field of combating corruption. Each state authority provides only the information that belongs to the sphere of its responsibility.

To inform citizens and develop public control over implementation of the state anti-corruption measures, the website published all anti-corruption action plans developed by the Security Council Working Group (SCWG). The SCWG monitors implementation of the State Anti-Corruption Policy Strategy, as well as government agencies' reports on anti-corruption actions will be put on the web site.


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