Kyrgyz prime minister meets with young mathematician Rakhymbekov

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Bishkek, Oct. 23, 2019. / Kabar/. Kyrgyz Prime Minister Muhammedkaly Abylgaziyev met with young mathematician Arsen Rakhymbekov, the government’s press service said.

12-year-old Arsen Rakhymbekov from Bishkek became the hero of the program “Amazing People” on Russia-1TV channel.

Arsen Rakhymbekov is engaged in mental arithmetic. Last year, he participated in the world championship in mental arithmetic. Arsen was the only representative of Central Asia. At the beginning of this year, he won a prize in the Olympics in Kazakhstan.

Prime Minister Abylgaziyev sincerely congratulated Arsen on his great success in the study of mathematics and mental arithmetic, as well as on his successful participation in international competitions and olympiads.

“Your success once again confirms that the modern children of Kyrgyzstan are very intellectually developed, open, communicative. Mental arithmetic develops logical thinking, analytical skills, helps to systematize knowledge,” he said.

The prime minister also thanked mom and trainer of Arsen for his great contribution to his success. He told them that the state is trying to create conditions for our young generation to receive a quality education, because this is the key to a bright future for our country.

The Head of Government wished Arsen great success and presented gifts.


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