Kyrgyz National Commission for State Language to develop number of IT projects

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Bishkek, Dec. 20, 2017 / Kabar /. The National Commission on State Language is developing a number of mobile applications on learning Kyrgyz language for people of different ages. Later, as members of the commission told during a press conference in Kabar news agency, it is planned to develop a full-featured artificial intelligence that will function in Kyrgyz language.

The deputy chairman of the National Commission on State Language, Akim uulu Mederbek said that the first mobile application in the framework of development of Kyrgyz language was the Mamtil-Lingvo application, which can be downloaded through online shop for iOS and Android operating systems. It includes an online dictionary and the ability to check diction.

"Applications for different age categories that will help to study Kyrgyz language will be developed further. Soon invitation of bids events will be held and guiding applications will be available for users," said Akim uulu Mederbek.

Akim uulu Mederbek also stressed that the Kyrgyz language acquired the status of a world language in 2016 and being among 106 languages the number of articles in Kyrgyz language are hundreds times increasing on online encyclopedias and other digital sources. The work in this direction, as the deputy chairman of the state commission mentioned will continue, and within the next 3-4 years artificial intelligence will be introduced, functioning in Kyrgyz language.

He explained that at the first stage of artificial intelligence programming, it is planned to create a program capable of translating voice data into text and text data into voice, and ultimately obtaining a product that can independently execute and work in Kyrgyz language.


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