Kyrgyz mountain climbers to conquer highest mountains of Tajikistan

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Bishkek, Jan. 5, 2018 / Kabar/. The RedFoxAsia team of Kyrgyzstan left for Dushanbe for a winter ascent. website reported that the team consist of 4 climbers: Sergei Seliverstov (Kyrgyzstan), Semyon Dvornichenko (Kyrgyzstan), Alexei Usatikh (Russia), Roman Abildaev (Russia).

"In Tajikistan we are going to go to the two remaining seven-thousandths - Korzhenevskaya Peak and Communism Peak. The difficulty of the expedition is that in the history of world mountaineering in that area there was only one winter expedition - in 1986. We are going there and do not know how much snow will be, what will be there, will have to adapt on the spot," Semyon Dvornichenko said.

Evgenia Korzhenevskaya Peak is 7105 m high mountain 13 kilometers north of Ismoil Somoni peak (the former Communism Peak).

The peak of Ismoil Somoni (formerly known as the Peak of Stalin, Communism Peak) is Tajikistan's highest peak, the highest point of the former Soviet Union (7495 m).


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