Kyrgyz Government transfers four Issyk Kul recreation houses to Uzbekistan

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Bishkek, Dec. 13, 2017 / Kabar/. The initiative of Kyrgyz Government on transfer of 4 recreation houses in Issyk-Kul for temporary use to Uzbekistan is economically and politically justified, an independent expert, political scientist Igor Shestakov expressed.

"Recently there has been a significant warming in the relations between the two countries. Countries have become closer on a wide range of issues. Relations have entered a constructive phase and on this basis this decision is quite objective, because the potential of relations between the two countries will be built further. This is a small part of what else can bring a new round of relations between neighboring countries. This measure will also certainly raise the level of confidence and raise the level of cooperation, " Shestakov said.

Former President Almazbek Atambaev has laid a certain foundation for this work. "There is a clear understanding for joint development, this certainly is economic cooperation. It will be mutually beneficial both for official Bishkek and for Tashkent. Therefore, such an initiative of the Kyrgyz government was both economically and politically justified," the political expert said

It is necessary to look at the other side of the coin. It is known that the Issyk-Kul region is a tourist region and this step will attract more tourists from Uzbekistan. By this time most of the tourists in Issyk-Kul were from Russia and Kazakhstan. Tourists from Uzbekistan were fewer times. "Therefore, this cooperation should be mutually beneficial without damage to any side," Shestakov stressed.

The Kyrgyz Government has decided to transfer land in Issyk-Kul region to Uzbekistan for temporary use, on which there are 4 recreation houses. This decision was made in accordance with the Treaty on Eternal Friendship between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan of December 24, 1994. The document is aimed at developing tourism and attracting direct investments.

According to the document Uzbekistan has the right of ownership to following 4 recreation houses temporarily:

-recreation house "Bosteri" (Bosteri village, formerly "Golden Sands");

-recreation house "Altyn-Zhai" (Kara-Oy village, formerly Rohat-NBU);

-recreation house "Enesay" (Kara-Oy village, formerly "Dilorom");

-recreation house "Buston" (Kung-Chygysh ayilny aimak of Ton district)


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