Kyrgyz and Chinese people have very good relations, Chinese official

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Beijing. October 16, 2017 /Kabar/. Kyrgyz and Chinese people have very good relations, Liu Bin, deputy director of the department for European and Central Asian countries of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told in Beijing speaking about the relations between Kyrgyzstan and China at a meeting with journalists from Eurasian countries, who arrived to cover the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

He said that among the nations of Central Asia the Kyrgyz people are most similar to Chinese people. “I read a lot that Kyrgyz and Chinese have blood relationship,” he said.

“During the Han dynasty, approximately a period from the 2nd century BC and the 1st century A. D., the Kyrgyz people lived in the upper Yenisei river. Then one official from the Han dynasty during the war between the Han dynasty and Huns was captured, and together with many other Chinese prisoners, was sent to Yenisei river, where they married Kyrgyz. That’s why, we have blood relationship,” the Chinese official explained.

He also said that the good relations between Kyrgyz and Chinese people have started 500 years ago, when during the Tang dynasty, a delegation of Kyrgyz nation visited the capital of the Tang dynasty. “Since then, very good relationship established between our peoples,” Liu Bin said.

He also added that many Chinese people visit Tokmok town of Kyrgyzstan, the hometown of the famous poet Li Bo.

Liu Bin also stressed that Kyrgyzstan served as a bridge between China and other countries. “As I know since ancient times, Chinese delegations passed through Kyrgyzstan to Central Asian countries and further to Afghanistan and West Asia,” he said.

The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that therefore, one can say that among the peoples of the Central Asian countries the Kyrgyz people have maintained very close contacts with the Chinese people.

Concerning the political relations, Liu Bin said that, Kyrgyzstan and China has very close contacts. “President of Kyrgyzstan has twice visited China this year,” he reminded.

The Chinese official emphasizing very close trade and economic ties expressed willingness to promote trade and economic relations in three spheres.

First, he considers to optimize trade. “We expect imports of Kyrgyz products, in particular, honey. The Kyrgyz honey is very popular in China,” he said.

Second, Liu Bin believes to promote cooperation in the field of production capacities, “We can together create joint ventures, in order to attract more investments from China. I know that relevant agencies of both sides are now working on making the list of relevant projects,” he said.

And the third aspect Liu Bin believes that Kyrgyzstan can serve as a bridge between China and Central Asian countries. He cited as an example the construction project of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway.

At the end the deputy director of the department for European and Central Asian countries of the Chinese MFA expressed hope that for increase of the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries.


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