Kazakh-American couple from California volunteers at EXPO-2017

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Kaulan Kusaiynkhan and Julia McClain are a married couple working at Astana EXPO-2017 as volunteers, Kazinform has learnt from astanaexpotv.

They are from California, but originally met in Astana several years ago. Kaulan is Kazakh born in China, he calls himself an oralman. Julia is from the United States. The couple tied the knot half a year ago in California.

Julia says she needed a year to learn Kazakh with the help of two teachers - one in Shchuchinsk and one in Shymkent. Both Julia and her husband speak Chinese fluently. Julia teaches English and Kaulan works at China Pavilion at Astana EXPO-2017.

"We are so impressed by this EXPO and all of the efforts that go into it," Julia says. "What an opportunity for citizens of Kazakhstan and all of the guests coming from Central Asia and from around the world to see this and have all of this international exposure! It's really inspiring to see families coming from all over. You see families coming from cities and families coming from aul. They are all here learning these new ideas. It's a really inspiring thing."

Kaulan believes that Astana EXPO 2017 is a great opportunity for Kazakhstan to be introduced to the whole world. "As a volunteer in Astana EXPO, I've been helping Chinese to get to know more about Kazakhstan as well as EXPO. So far, Chinese are so impressed by EXPO in Kazakhstan and all of them are having a good time here," he notes.

Julia adds that Kazakhstan is important to both of them. "I'm new to this country. I first visited six years ago and immediately fell in love with Kazakhstan. And, then, met my love here in Kazakhstan. He is an oralman. While Kazakhstan feels like home, it is also new. It means a lot to us if we can get back in any way," she says.

Source: Kazinform


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