Isakov meets with students in Naryn

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Naryn, Sept. 19, 2017. /Kabar/. Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sapar Isakov, met with students of Naryn State University and colleges of the city as part of his working trip to Naryn oblast.

The meeting has began with the presentation of the Taza Koom digital transformation program.

Sapar Isakov began his welcoming speech about the reforms in the government and the national program "Jany Doorgo - kyrk kadam" (Forty steps to a new era).

"As you know, now part of the government consists of young leaders. The society is wondering if we can cope. We annually look at the opinion of the Kyrgyz people and learn about the many problems they face. To be honest, the government’s office works every day from 8 am till midnigh, including to implement the program "Forty steps to a new era." As part of its implementation, we are developing projects in the fields of education, health, etc. In this regard, we are working out every step," the Prime Minister said.

He said that the World Bank has allocated $ 50 million to Kyrgyzstan for carrying out broadband lines in the country's villages, thanks to which there will be access to fast and high-quality Internet, besides, the price will be much lower.

"It will also be possible to connect cable TV, where, for example, children can watch educational cartoons, etc.," Isakov added.


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