In pursuit of World Record: Where and when to prepare ton of Kyrgyz Traditional Food

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Bishkek, March 5, 2018 / Kabar /. There will be an official attempt to set a world record for preparation of the largest portion of the Kyrgyz traditional food Beshbarmak in Bishkek, in shopping center Ayu Grand Comfort on March 11, the official website of the company reported through Facebook.

The organizers said that more than 50 cooks will work on preparing 1000 kg of the national dish. Meat of 5-6 horses and 500 kilograms of noodles will be used for the Beshbarmak.

"Preparing of the ideal noodles for Beshbarmak was undertaken by technologists and chefs of the Milling Company KazGrain. To stir meat with noodles, the cooks will make a special container that can accommodate the entire volume of prepared dish. Special stainless materials and safe boiling methods suitable for the food industry will be used for cooking. Guests will be treated with national drinks," the organizers said.

In addition to the Beshbarmak, the world's longest sausage ( Kyrgyz chuchuk) will be produced - 100 meters of the Kyrgyz delicacy.

One of the main organizers of the event is the diversified company Ayu Holding and the Public Association Kyrgyz Tilektesthi.

Earlier it was planned to cook Beshbarmak on Ak Kalpak's Day (Kyrgyz National Headwear Day), March 5, on Ala-Too Square. Nevertheless, Bishkek Mayor's Office was asked to hold the event in another place, since the city center is not suitable due to security measures and sanitary requirements.

It is worth noting, the people of Kazakhstan set a Guinness record back in 2015, they prepared the world's largest Beshbarmak weighing 726.5 kg.


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