Green Economy week kicks off in Kyrgyzstan

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Bishkek, Nov.11, 2019. /Kabar/. The Green Economy week has begun in Kyrgyzstan.

During the press conference at Kabar News Agency, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy Aidin Sharsheyev said the event will be held on Nov.11-17 throughout the country.

He noted a jubilee forum, dedicated to the sustainable development of the green economy in regions, will be held on Nov.15.

Sharsheyev said the Green Economy Development Programme in Kyrgyzstan for 2019-2023 has been developed, which identifies priority sectors through which, as a matter of priority, it is proposed to ensure the transition to "green" development.

“The main purpose of the week is to bring together all stakeholders in promoting the principles of the green economy and demonstrating the benefits and opportunities from their use for the development of the regions of Kyrgyzstan.

The 2019 Green Economy week in Kyrgyzstan will contribute to raising public awareness of green economy issues, providing an opportunity to focus the attention of all stakeholders on priority sectors of the Green Economy Development Programme, identifying niches for potential interventions and coordination among stakeholders and practical meetings,” he said.

The representative of the Economy Ministry said special attention will be paid to the issues of sustainable development of the country's regions, identification of ways to promote and develop the green economy in all regions of the country.

A total of 37 events are planned for the Green Economy week across the country.


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