We're very excited to see World Nomad Games once again - travellers Jarryd & Alesha

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Australian couple Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem, who have been travelling the world together since 2008 answered some questions of Kabar Agency about their travel to Kyrgyzstan. Alesha and Jarryd have visited Kyrgyzstan four times. All the impressions about Kyrgyzstan and other countries they have visited are depicted on NOMADasaurus, Australia’s biggest adventure travel blog run by the award-winning travel writers and photographers Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem.

1. Where did you know about Kyrgyzstan?

We heard about Kyrgyzstan many years ago when we were researching Central Asia. Of all the nations in the region, Kyrgyzstan kept coming up as the most beautiful and best suited for our adventurous style of travel. Once we got closer we discovered more and more about the Kyrgyz culture, and it became something we were very excited to learn about.

2. How or from which place did you start your trip to Kyrgyzstan?

We started our first trip to Kyrgyzstan by crossing from China over the Irkeshtam Pass. We made it to Osh in the evening and spent the next few days hanging out there before heading to Bishkek. It was a great introduction to the country.

3. What did you like in Kyrgyzstan? What is the difference of Kyrgyzstan from other Central Asian countries?

For us the two things that we love the most about Kyrgyzstan is the local culture and the gorgeous mountain scenery. We found the people in Kyrgyzstan to be the friendliest out of all the Central Asian countries we travelled, and the culture to be the most interesting.

4. As far as I know you have visited Kyrgyzstan twice. What was the reason to visit Kyrgyzstan for the second time?

We have been lucky enough to travel to Kyrgyzstan four times. The first two times were in 2015, and we fell in love with the place. We returned again in 2016 and 2017 as part of a project with Discover Kyrgyzstan and USAID/BGI, which were developing tourism products throughout the country. We spent a lot of time around Jyrgalan, mapped out a brand new hiking trail, the Keskenkija Loop and travelled around Issyk Kul.

5. You have seen the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. Can you tell about your impressions of the Games?

We really enjoyed our time at the World Nomad Games, and found it to be a fascinating insight into the traditional games and culture of Central Asia. We were also humbled by how welcoming all of the Kyrgyz people were with us being there.

6. In September 2018 Kyrgyzstan will host the Third World Nomad Games. Organizers say that they are going to hold it better and even more brighter. Do you have plans to visit Kyrgyzstan once again to see the Nomad Games?

We are actually returning to Kyrgyzstan in August to run two photography and adventure tours around the country, and are planning on staying in the country afterwards to attend the World Nomad Games. We're very excited to see this amazing event once again.

7. How you became travelers? How did you start?

We left Australia over 10 years ago and moved to Canada on working holiday visas. Over the years we worked and saved as much money as we could and spent all of our cash on travelling the world. When we ran out of money we would find more jobs and keep earning money to stay on the road. Travel is our biggest passion.

Photos by Jarryd & Alesha

Interviewed by Nurzhan Kasmalieva


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