EU technical mission on GSP+ completed its work in Kyrgyzstan

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On 22 February, the first EU technical mission on GSP+ presented results of their two-week work in Kyrgyzstan for representatives of the relevant state institutions.

The two experts arrived in Kyrgyzstan on 6 February to produce an assessment of the current state of play of testing laboratories available in Kyrgyzstan and, specifically of those having international certification to approve the quality of products to be exported to the EU Member States.

Additionally, the mission assessed capacities and know-how of phytosanitary agencies and of customs agencies in charge of compliance with GSP+ provisions and EU rules of origins' requirements.

Within two weeks the experts visited 9 laboratories in Bishkek and Osh as well as a number of private enterprises, held a series of meetings with state officials in charge of export policies, representatives of international organizations and local business associations.

The results were presented on 22 February at the Ministry of Economy with the participation of local and international consultants, representatives of state institutions and other partners. In their presentation the experts highlighted current shortcomings that prevent Kyrgyzstan from exporting its products to the EU and provided recommendations to improve the state of play in this regard.

Among many other recommendations, the experts advised to modernize the laboratories to bring them in line with the international level, enhance coordination between state agencies, focus on particular products to be exported to the EU (dried fruits, nuts, kidney beans, honey, fish, etc.), conduct trainings for personnel of laboratories and local experts to raise their awareness about the international standards of certification and accreditation.

The mission will prepare a comprehensive and detailed report, which will be shared with both the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Delegation of the European Union.


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