Employees of Kyrgyz Embassy in Uzbekistan laid wreath on monument of Sorrowful Mother in Tashkent

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Tashkent, May 10, 2018. / Kabar /. Employees of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Uzbekistan together with the diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan, laid a wreath at the foot of the monument of the Sorrowful Mother in Mustakillik (Independence) Square in Tashkent on May 9.

Kyrgyz and other foreign diplomats paid tribute to the memory of the Uzbeks who died in the Great Patriotic War.

1.5 million people of Uzbekistan participated in the Second World War, more than 500 thousand of them died on the battlefields.

In Uzbekistan, May 9 – the Victory Day since 1999 is celebrated as a Day of Memory and Honor.


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