Blockchain is ideal system for eradicating corruption in public procurement - Isakov

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Bishkek, Feb. 3, 2018. /Kabar/. Blockchain system will be used for the public procurement, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov told journalists.

That is, Smart contracts will be used in the public procurement system, he said.

The Kyrgyz prime minister recalled that in the system of public procurement there are shortcomings and errors that create conditions for corruption.

"The blockchain is an electronic currency, which is confirmed by the real national currency. But we will use it only in the system of public procurement," he said.

The prime minister said that the block chain is an ideal system for Kyrgyzstan, which will eliminate any corruption risks.

"I'm not saying that we will do it in the near future. We consult with the National Bank and other relevant companies," Isakov added.

The Prime Minister assured that with the new system it will be impossible to delete or replace the specified procurement command.

"This fully corresponds to the spirit of the national Taza Koom program," he said.


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