BBC News At Ten Bosses ‘Investigating’ After Naked Woman Appears On Background Monitor During Live Broadcast

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We have a feeling a certain someone is going to be called into the office of the boss of BBC News, after something very NSFW played out during the evening news.

How do we know this? Well, eagle-eyed viewers of Monday’s BBC News at Ten might have spotted what looked like a sex scene unfolding on one of the screens behind an oblivious Sophie Raworth as she delivered a story about cricket.

Yep, someone thought it was a good idea to play a naughty clip of a woman being undressed on one of the monitors in the office behind the newsroom.

It may have all been in the name of “research” of course, but we still can’t help but admire the sheer audacity of the unidentified member of staff, who was nowhere to be seen.

According to BBC sources the unfortunate incident has “gone down like a lead balloon” with bosses, who are said to be “investigating”.

A BBC spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “We are establishing the facts and circumstances.”



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