Atambayev leaves behind stable and developing country

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Bishkek, Nov. 20, 2017. /Kabar/. Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev leaves behind a stable and developing country, political expert Ainura Arzymatova told Kabar Agency.

She said that today's final press conference of President Almazbek Atambayev is historic. "It is historic in the sense that it showed how the legally elected president should leave on time in accordance with the Constitution. “At today's press conference we were also able to get answers from the president of what he could do and what he unfortunately could not do. I think that what he put on his agenda to complete and what was expected of him from the public was accomplished. In any case, the head of state laid a great groundwork for the development of the country. This foundation passes to the next president, and we are very thankful that Atambayev left us a stable, developing country," she said.

The political expert emphasized that the president is leaving behind important strategic programs. "We could see that despite everything, Atambayev defended the honor and dignity of his country, including its independence," Arzymatova noted.

The political expert thinks that the answers of the head of state were sincere and open.

"The president himself said that sometimes he is emotional. But if to compare, many presidents are often framed and incommunicative. They are not interesting to listen to, because their answers are often veiled. As for Atambayev's press conference, it was very open and sincere. He is a patriot of his country. Moreover, President Atambayev stands higher than all the other presidents because he is always sincere and open. People like his this kind of personality too,"Arzymatova said.


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