Armen Sarkisyan becomes Armenia's 4th president

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Armenia’s National Assembly chose Armen Sarkisyan as the country’s new president by a large margin.

A former prime minister who once served as the country’s ambassador to Britain, was elected to serve a seven-year term.

Ninety lawmakers voted to elect him, ten opposed his election, and none abstained, the chairman of the temporary counting committee of the parliament Gagik Melikyan said.

The victory required at least 79 votes out of 105.

According to the new version of the Constitution, Serzh Sargsyan's successor was elected not by a popular vote, but by lawmakers. His powers will be limited, as, for example, in Germany or Italy.

The ruling coalition, which consists of the Republican Party of Armenia and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, officially nominated Armen Sargsyan for president. The second largest faction in the National Assembly – the Tsarukyan bloc - said it will also support him. The Yelk party was not able to nominate a candidate - Artak Zeinalyan- they only have nine deputies in the National Assembly. The party also said that it will vote against the ruling party's candidacy.


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