Almazbek Atambayev congratulates Kyrgyz citizens on Constitution Day

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Bishkek, May 5 / Kabar /. Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev congratulated citizens of the country on the Constitution Day.

“24 years ago on this day, on May 5, 1993 the Constitution of independent Kyrgyzstan was adopted. At that time, it was one of the most democratic and progressive Basic Laws in the post-Soviet space. But in subsequent years, the then authorities succeeded in making a number of changes to the Constitution that were designed to meet the needs of the family-clan regime, and as a result discredited democratic gains and values, which led to a decrease in the authority of the law in the eyes of the people.

After the April Revolution of 2010, the attitude towards the Constitution has radically changed. The significant changes that have taken place in the country, the fight against corruption, the adoption of measures to strengthen the independence of Kyrgyzstan and the defense of our national interests in foreign policy have made it possible to restore the people's faith in establishing law and democracy in our country.

The people of Kyrgyzstan confirmed these achievements with amendments to the Constitution through a referendum on December 11, 2016. Today, the Basic Law is much more reliable than before, it ensures independence of Kyrgyzstan, separation of powers and functions of the branches of state power and their interaction. The Constitution now contains a defense against attempts to establish someone else's authority.

The current Constitution reflects the aspiration of the people of Kyrgyzstan to freedom and justice, promotes the revival of the country, preserves and develops spiritual and cultural heritage, provides conditions for further work to strengthen the rule of law, ensure the rule of law!,” says in the President’s congratulatory message.


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