Alay cashmere made in Kyrgyzstan is popular in US

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Bishkek, March 5, 2018 / Kabar /. Entrepreneurs of Alay, Osh oblast among local residents for the fourth year are developing goat breeding, which gives real cashmere, Chairman of the Association of Domestic Producers Bakyt Degenbaev told this.

Degenbaev said that Kyrgyzstan annually produces about 200 tons of wool. Unfortunately, not everything is suitable for further processing and production of cashmere fabric. There are difficulties with the development of the purity of the cashmere, the formation of the local population and promotion of the goat breeding.

"Leaders are traditionally considered to be such countires as Mongolia, India and China. Our producers also have a chance to consolidate their leadership in their region. This would be a high image of the country, a very good added value if we bring all the wool to the deep processing that would lead to huge sales, triumph at International Exhibitions," Degenbaev explained.

The Chairman of the Association of Domestic Producers emphasized that the nature and climate of Alay region make a great deal. "Our Alay cashmere is highly valued in foreign markets. Its purity, softness and fineness of the wool are of such qualities that international buyers prey on. Despite all the achievements, our farmers and shepherds are still ahead. There is an endless amount of work, a huge potential of the region, with proper use of which the volume of received wool can turn to thousands and millions of kilograms. This can create millions and billions of soms of investments, thousands of new jobs," he said.

As Degenbaev stressed, US producers have long understood for themselves that cashmere of Alay is of the highest quality. "The demand is huge. We know that one very famous American brand of men's coats has dressed the famous actor Will Smith in a coat from Alay cashmere. Is not this the advertisement of the product, region, country and hard work of those people who perform heroism every day for contribution of the development of our country," he added.

Entrepreneurs also have established a collection of wool yaks, which are excellent for the production of yarn, fabric and clothing. This is also very good news for all regions where yak breeding is developed.

In the end, Degenbaev encouraged all the inhabitants of the region to think about breeding goats for wool.


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