Affordable know-how developed for Kyrgyz language learners

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Bishkek, Jan. 29, 2019. /Kabar/. The Google Play Market and App Store have been supplemented with two more new products from domestic programmers which had been designed for learning the Kyrgyz language. They are available for download to mobile devices for free.

Chairman of the National Commission for the State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Nazarkul Ishekeev told at a press conference at the Kabar News Agency that these steps were taken to develop the state language, and events in this direction will be carried out this year through the use of modern technologies, being consonant with the announced in 2019 – Year of Regional Development and Digitalization.

Ishekeev added that the applications are divided into the corresponding age groups: “Bal Til 1” (Kyrgyz: Бал тил 1) is intended for children from 3 to 5, “Bal Til 2” (Kyrgyz: Бал тил 2) – from 6 to 10.

He said that these two applications for children of preschool and primary school ages contain a multitude of pictures, animations, audio materials, logical games and other components that will help increase students' interest in the Kyrgyz language. They run on Android and iOS platforms.

The third joint development of specialists from the National Commission and the Ulut Soft IT company is the Tiltest (Kyrgyz: Тилтест) web portal, created on the basis of the textbook for state and municipal employees, Kyrgyztest (Kyrgyz: Кыргызтест).

The mobile application for this product on two operating systems is being finalized and will soon also be available to the public on on-line stores, such as Google Play Market and the App Store. Its main task will be to facilitate the process of preparing for the state language proficiency test for the two categories of people mentioned above.

The fourth area of ​​work to improve the program of studying the Kyrgyz language was also the joint development of a software tool, which voices written text. According to the head of Ulut Soft, Mirbek Okenov, it works as artificial intelligence and can voice the written text in Kyrgyz in a natural voice. Anyone can try it out by pasting any copied text on the website into the window.

Okenov indicated that the results achieved are only the first fruits of the work done. The company plans to start translating voice-to-speech through artificial intelligence this year, next is to conduct a semantic analysis of a text in Kyrgyz language and by 2023 to synthesize text through this program.


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