Achievements of Kyrgyzstan in 2018-2019: Foreign policy

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When we talk about the achievements of the Kyrgyz Republic, which it has achieved during the past two years, it is impossible not to note the success of the state’s foreign policy. Kyrgyzstan in recent years has been actively proving itself in various international venues. The foreign policy has always been a kind of forte of the country. The ability to take the right positions on the international chessboard is a serious and very delicate matter. Kyrgyzstan has always stood and stands on the principles of peace. This determines the main vector in the foreign policy direction. In the past two years, successes in the international arena have led to increased interest from many foreign countries and international organizations. This gives hope that Kyrgyzstan will continue to show a positive image of the country. It is worth highlighting the desire to seek and find new contacts abroad, and therefore the necessity to reveal with even greater force all the potential.

Professor of St. Petersburg State University Alexander Kurochkin said that Kyrgyzstan has been indeed becoming more active player in the international field every year. “The new leadership of the country is making great efforts to seek and expand new foreign policy contacts. The republic is experiencing a boom, and against this background, many foreign countries are eagerly contacting Kyrgyzstan. This speaks volumes, a stable political situation, and a favorable economic climate. I must say that President Sooronbay Jeenbekov is strategically developing his country,” he said.

In continuation of the foregoing, it is worth noting that President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov at one time called the strengthening of relations in various fields and strategic partnership, in particular with Russia, an invariable priority in the country's foreign policy. “The development of comprehensive ties with an ally and a strategic partner, Russia, will remain a constant priority in foreign policy, we have been linked to it by centuries-old friendship and a common historical fate that have stood the test of time,” said Jeenbekov.

He said that the state’s foreign policy will be determined by “the goals of protecting the interests of Kyrgyzstan, improving the life of the people, ensuring the safety of society and every citizen, and developing the country.”

But it is also worth highlighting that President Jeenbekov is set up for multi-directional foreign policy. This is an important moment in the modern picture of an ever-changing world. The flexibility of foreign policy is an important component of success in the international arena.

Political analyst Alan Bogosyan noted that the multi-vector nature of foreign policy is its correct development. “Today it is impossible to adhere to only one direction. Everything is changing, priorities are changing, mutual interests are changing. It is important to maneuver and only with such a smart approach can one gain great respect for oneself. Kyrgyzstan has something to be proud of. Throughout the entire period of independence, the Kyrgyz Republic tried to pursue an active policy at external borders, upholding the principles of peace, diplomacy, consolidation at many international venues, sharply condemning violence and terror. On the UN fields, Kyrgyzstan has also established itself as a reliable ally of creative policy.”

During these two years, President Jeenbekov made a number of important international meetings and visits. During his state visit to China in June 2018, cooperation with the People's Republic of China was raised to a strategic level. The country intends to develop bilateral and multilateral relations with Turkey, Japan, Korea, the United States, EU countries, with the countries of the Arab world and with neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

“It is important to act constructively with partners and neighbors in the Central Asian region. The proximity of borders opens up additional opportunities for more successful cooperation in the economic sphere. In recent years, Kyrgyzstan has been actively declaring its economic potential, trying to bring branding of its products into orbit. The first and, in fact, the main consumers of these efforts should be the countries of Central Asia, which in turn can become guides for the further journey to distant foreign markets,” Bogosyan emphasized.

In this regard, integration of the republic within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will also remain a priority in foreign policy. The membership of Kyrgyzstan in the SCO and CSTO, the Kyrgyz president said, meets the goals of ensuring national security of the state, as well as “the inviolability of state borders and eliminating the threats of terrorism.

Professor Kurochkin said that in Kyrgyzstan there is still the issue of conceptual understanding of its place and role in an ever-changing world. “At the same time, the organs of external relations are important, as well as their importance in the development and implementation of a particular line of behavior in the international arena. In addition, in relation to Kyrgyzstan, an analysis of extensive material is required, reflecting the features of the modern international situation and the various changes that are taking place throughout the post-Soviet space, as well as in the global dimension. Also, it is necessary to take into account the general unstable state of modern international relations. In this regard, Kyrgyzstan has always taken a wise maneuvering position between the clash of interests of large countries, while remaining true to its principles. In international politics Kyrgyzstan has earned unconditional respect by the fact that it has always upheld the positions of peace and a constructive approach to resolving the most complex issues. On the sidelines of international politics, the image of Kyrgyzstan is becoming stronger and more tangible,” he said.

Kyrgyzstan is a state of the Central Asian region, the location of which has important geopolitical and geoeconomic importance as a connecting bridge between the West and the East, as well as the North and South. The foreign policy of the republic is based on the Constitution, the Declaration on State Independence, international law, and commitment to the goals and principles of the UN and the OSCE. Being an organic continuation of domestic policy, the foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan reflects the consolidated interests of the multinational, multiconfessional people of the country and is aimed at ensuring and protecting state sovereignty, creating favorable external conditions for the implementation of economic and political transformations of a democratic orientation. The most important task of the state’s foreign policy is to strengthen its economic and political potential.

Kurochkin also noted that the world has changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. “A sluggish international situation has been replaced by rapid processes that dictate to all the players of the political map of the world more and more new rules of the game. Under these conditions, the "regulators" of the world order that have been operating in the past stop working. Many traditional methods, including power methods, of preventing and resolving international conflicts reveal an internal inconsistency. Therefore, the role and importance of foreign policy objectively increases, which feels the uncertainty of circumstances, eliminates their unpredictability, develops and tests new forms of relations between subjects of international life, forming stable systems and subsystems of international relations. ”

It must be admitted that the current state of world civilization cannot successfully develop without integration, without the development and strengthening of economic, political and humanitarian ties between states. The primary basis for the interdependence of states is the economic sphere, since any country, not being integrated into world economic relations, cannot effectively ensure its development in other areas.

“An important tool for implementing the foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan is bilateral diplomacy. At the same time, an objective necessity is a differentiated approach in choosing the most promising areas that meet the characteristics of the cultural-civilizational, ethnohistorical, geopolitical, geoeconomic situation of the country and allow to realize the national interests of Kyrgyzstan with maximum efficiency. The Central Asian region is a priority in terms of ensuring the territorial integrity of the country, security and economic development. Strengthening cooperation with democratic, developed states of the world community is of extremely great importance for Kyrgyzstan, which is carrying out complex economic and political transformations,” the expert said.

All of the above is also echoed by the main foreign policy strategy, which states that the foreign policy of the Kyrgyz Republic should be completely subordinate to the interests of its people. In this area, it is necessary to search for its international identity, which should be based on national interests, foreign policy resources and an effective mechanism for their implementation. A new understanding of foreign policy is needed, which should be based on a concrete analysis of the situation in the country, in the region and in the world, as well as on the idea that national interests are strategic, long-term and global, going beyond the current political development.

The foreign policy of the Kyrgyz Republic should become predictable, consistent and economically viable. It is important to subordinate it to the domestic needs of the country and the expectations of citizens. The main assessment of the success of the foreign policy should be in promoting domestic goods to international markets, the volume of investments attracted to Kyrgyzstan, protecting the rights and interests of Kyrgyz citizens abroad. Foreign policy should be based on stable, friendly relations with neighboring states and leading world powers, as well as international organizations.

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